About Me

Hi, my name is Paolo, I’m an associate professor at the IT University of Copenhagen and I’m affiliated with the Center for Digital Play, the Creative AI Lab and the Pioneer Center for Artificial Intelligence.

My work is primarily focused on computational models of user experience and behaviour in digital environments. In this broad area, I’m currently conducting a number of research projects exploring how to machine learning to model aspects such as game content difficulty, learning skills and visual perception.

Some of the topics I’ve worked with in the past are:

  • Gameplay adaptation: primarily focusing on real-time adaptation in-game cinematography, I’ve contributed to this areas with studies on evaluation of player experience, user profiling and real-time adaptation. My journal article Adaptive Virtual Camera Control Trough Player Modelling summarises a process to build data-driven dynamic cinematographic visualisations in games.
  • Player/customer behaviour prediction:  I’ve built and analysed a series of models for customer lifetime value prediction and churn prediction in the context of free-to-play games. You can read an overview of the topic in my article Predicting Customer Lifetime Value in Free-to-Play Games“.
  • Player behaviour imitation: with the purpose of predicting complex aspects of player experience, I’ve contributed in investigating the application of deep reinforcement learning for estimation of player difficulty in puzzle games. This research has been conducted in collaboration with Tactile Games and has been partially financed by the Innovations Fonden.

You can read more about my current and past projects in the Projects section and you can check my full list of publications in the Publications section. If you are a student and you are interested in doing your thesis with me, you can find a few proposals in the Thesis section.

For anything else, feel free to contact me at pabu [at] itu [dot] dk.