About Me

Hi reader, my name is Paolo Burelli, I’m a researcher and scholar in the field for data science and artificial intelligence. I currently work as assistant professor at the IT University of Copenhagen and as senior data scientist at Tactile Entertainment.

I’m an expert in machine learning for user behaviour prediction and I have solid experience in large scale data ingestion, data processing processing, feature extraction and modelling, both at prototyping and production stages.

From the research standpoint, my focus lies primarilly around the problem of making machine understand human behaviour. I started researching this topic during my PhD studies by investigating how to make games react to players and provide continuously the best view over the game actions.

Since then, my research has further expanded to other applications of user modelling, attempting to create predictive models of user behaviour either from high density data, such as EEG and other physiology signals in lab contexts, or from large user datasets in the context of performance marketing automation.

A complete description for my publications and research can be found on my Mendeley page. If you want to discuss any of the topics described above, contact me at pabu [at] itu [dot] dk.