Thesis Opportunities

On this page, you can find a few possible thesis projects. The complexity can be adjusted depending on whether you will be working on it as a project, bachelor thesis or master thesis. If you like to work on any of these if you have any other ideas for a thesis, feel free to contact me.

Game AI, Analytics and PCG

[PCG, Deep Learning, Deep RL, IRL, IL, MCTS, Game AI]

  • Play game using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Monte Carlo Tree Search
  • Create realistic agents from play traces (Imitation Learning, Inverse Reinforcement Learning)
  • Using AI agents to Predicting level difficulty, estimate churn, find bugs
  • Apply game analytics to understand when, and why players churn or make a purchase
  • Procedural content generation using generative methods
  • Adaptive gameplay

Modelling player cognition and emotions

[User Modelling, Machine Learning, EEG, Psychophysiology, Eye Tracking, Computational Neuroscience]

  • Conduct experiments to collect data about the player experience
  • Create computational models of human cognition, perceptions and emotions
  • Use advanced equipment to track brain activity and gaze
  • Analyse complex physical signals
  • Connect player behaviour with physiology

Computational cinematography

[PCG, Camera Control, Virtual Cinematography, Interactive Narrative, Computer Vision]

  • Automated film editing
    • Identifying scenes and cuts
    • Build scene sequences
  • Generating narratives
  • Make movies from videogames (automated machinima)
  • Automated film classification