Thesis Opportunities

Puzzle game testing agent

  • Predicting level difficulty, estimate churn
  • Experiment with techniques such as Deep Reinforcement Learning and Monte Carlo Tree Search
  • Company collaboration with Tactile Games
  • Inserted in a larger research project
  • Open to other games

Player modelling: churn prediction

  • Analytics/Game design or AI
  • Free-to-play games
  • Understand when, and why players churn
  • Identify strategies for retention

Player modelling: GAIL

  • Create realistic agents from play traces
  • Experiment with Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning
  • Work with Vizdoom or any other platform you like

Control vs emergence in PCG

  • Procedural content generation
  • AI algorithm as co-creator
  • Investigate novel algorithms (generative adversarial networks, transformers, etc…)
  • How to control these algorithms
  • Balance between emergence and control

Modelling player cognition and emotions

  • Potential collaboration with the augmented Cognition Lab
  • Analysing physical signals
  • Connect player behaviour with physiology

Computational cinematography

  • Collaboration with Kaspar.AI
  • Automated film editing
    • Identifying scenes and cuts
    • Build scene sequences
  • Generating narratives
  • Make movies from videogames (automated machinima)
  • Automated film classification

Sport analytics (internship opportunity)

  • Better data visualisation
  • Modelling of career projections
  • Strategy and tactics modelling
  • Collaboration with Brøndby IF